Thursday, 24 September 2009

A nice little political toy

It’s safe to say that I’m not too worried about which parties end up in the Coalition government to be formed in Germany. I’ve just taken an intriguing little test calledElection-O-Matic on the Der Spiegel website, which compares my views on an extensive range of policy options with those of the competing parties.
The end result is that it seems I have slightly more in common with the Free Democratic Party (currently third in the opinion polls) than the other majors but the CDU/CSU, led by chancellor Angela Merkel, and the SPD are locked together in my fancy not far behind followed by the Greens and Die Linke.

Taking the test was quite a bit of fun and an interesting way of learning a little about who stands for what in German politics. Perhaps our Crikey blogger Possum Comitatus might devise an Australian version for our next federal election. It would fit in well with those tests he already has on his site, which seek to classify people’s political leanings in a more sophisticated fashion than as simply left or right wing. To help you better understand my prejudices here’s how I scored on the Possum tests and you will find an explanation of what it’s all about on his site.

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