Monday, 21 September 2009

The naughty choir boy

If it wasn’t for the fact that his opinion poll ratings were already so high I would predict that Kevin Rudd’s standing with Australians would improve as the news seeps through to the mob that he is capable of using a swear word or two.
That our angelic looking leader is capable of being a toughie when necessary in dealing with factional party hacks will clearly be seen as a good thing by most people. Nobody wants a wimp in charge of the country and as long as the “f” word is kept for use behind closed doors very few these days will be offended. Mr Rudd should be sending message of thanks to News Limited columnist Glenn Milne for breaking the yarn on Sunday.
It came just a day after the Morgan Poll returned Labor’s two party preferred support to the 63 per cent level. To give an idea of just how high that figure is, consider that in the last five Federal elections the highest two party vote of the winning party was John Howard’s Coalition which had a landslide win with 53.6 per cent in 1996. A vote of 60% plus would result in an electoral slaughter of a kind not seen in Australia before.
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