Monday, 14 September 2009

Hoping for an early arrest

Labor politicians in New South Wales should be hoping for an early arrest over the murder of property developer Michael McGurk and not just because of their desire to see justice done. The sooner the incident can be shunted from the public spotlight as being sub judice with all public comments being prejudicial to someone’s fair trial that happier the party will be.
This morning’s report that, according to a long-term colleague of the murdered man, McGurk recorded conversations he had with five NSW state Labor MPs and one former federal minister will have been music to the ears of the Liberal Opposition in the State Parliament which is about to have a Legislative Council committee embark on a fishing expedition into dealings that McGurk had with government. Property development and rezoning aided and abetted by politicians and public servants might have had absolutely nothing to do with the man’s eventual death but if there are such recordings there are sure to be inferences that an Opposition can draw about the NSW Labor Party way of getting business done.
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