Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Called a greenie!

Rare it is when you have worked as a lobbyist for the National Association of Forest Industries and a company that wanted to mine uranium in the middle of Kakadu National Park to be called a greenie but it’s recently happened and I missed the accolade! Crikey’s own First Dog on the Moon did the honours for me  August 14 when he quite delightfully took up the message in one of my daily snippets about those cruel South Koreans torturing dogs to tenderise their meat before eating them. Silly old me didn’t see it.

What can I say after a comment like that except that a really cruel cartoonist would have made the nose on my dog character more of a wine drinker’s red? I have consulted with my American bull dog, Miss Polly, and Paunchy, the mastiff-American bull dog cross, and they are insisting I keep fighting the good fight against Korean barbarity. If you met them you’d know who’s most likely to get eaten if I don’t.
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