Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Using cleavage for the cause

Angela Merkel created considerable interest early in her term as German Chancellor when she displayed a little cleavage when visiting the opera in Oslo. Now a picture of that event has entered the German election campaign as a female member of her conservative Christian Democratic Union seeks some support. Candidate Vera Lengsfeld has dressed in similar fashion to her leader for a poster proclaiming “Wir haben mehr zu bieten”  — “We have more to offer”. There are some of her conservative colleagues unamused and the spokesman from head office of the Christian Democrats said “That wasn’t agreed with us.”

Meanwhile the German Greens in the western town of Kaarst have gone in a different direction and produced a poster featuring a black bottom.

The naked buttocks of a black woman being squeezed by the hands of a white woman under the slogan “The Only Reason to Vote Black” has provoked accusations of racism but the Greens see it as a clever play on the word for black which is the commonly used description of Ms Merkel’s CDU.

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