Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A sub with a sense of humour

Canada is experiencing another round of early election speculation with The Globe and Mail in Toronto giving its page one picture over to that campaigning standard of the politician visiting a classroom to give visual proof that he cares about education.

To keep the speculation moving along, the paper’s website updated the printed version with the prediction that face-to-face talks were the likely first step in a political dance aimed at avoiding the early fall (their autumn  — our spring) election and then the “news” that, yes, the minority government’s Prime Minister actually had a chat about future possibilities with a minor party leader whose votes are needed to stay in office. This was all getting a bit much for the paper’s political commentator, Tim Powers, who summed up things as “another slow end-of-summer news week; another story about Liberal mental meanderings about an election.” The column brought forward this headline, which I am sure we will be able to adapt to Australian circumstances and use in Crikey before too long: “Another election story, yawn.”

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