Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Receiving not paying

An interesting twist to that story of Stern Hu’s imprisonment with the report this morning out of China that part of the bribery allegations against him and the other jailed Rio Tinto executives is not that they paid bribes to those involved in the Chinese steel industry but received them. The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age once again led the Australian press pack with their report that Mr Hu owned $17 million worth of villas purchased with money received from small Chinese steel producers in return for giving them larger export quotas of Rio Tinto iron ore. Will this turn out to be yet another example of Malcolm Turnbull’s over eagerness making him look like a fool? You will recall that the Opposition Leader, unlike the Government, has not waited to find out exactly what Mr Hu is alleged to have done before pronouncing that Australia should do everything but send in the gunboats to rescue the innocent men. Time will tell.
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