Monday, 3 August 2009

The official Labor Party view

Sitting at home here in Canberra and relying on media reports from Labor’s National Conference I was left wondering at the end of it all if anything had actually happened up there in Sydney. Thus, I turned to the Party’s official daily email to bring you this definitive summary of the three day talkfest:

National Conference, Day 1: 50,000 new green jobs

The Rudd Labor Government is reforming Australia’s training system to produce high quality green skills to meet the growing demand for energy efficient homes and buildings, and to power the industries of the future.

Curtin, Chifley, Whitlam, Hawke and Keating all featured in Kevin Rudd’s opening address.

Treasurer Wayne Swan tells delegates we do not get to choose the time of our being elected, “and the timing we know has brought with it great difficulties and great challenges. We don’t get to choose the timing, but we do get to choose how we respond to the times. And that response, delegates, has been a credit to the people gathered here today and everyone you represent in this great movement of ours.”

National Conference, Day 2: Launch of Labor History website

The Labor History website was launched at Conference today. Labor History is a project run by the Chifley Research Centre which seeks to educate and engage the Australian people in the history and stories of the Australia Labor Party.

National Conference, Day 3: Bob Hawke’s Life Membership

Bob Hawke  — great achiever, great moderniser, great unifier of all parts of the economy and all parts of the nation  — was saluted at Conference with the rare honour of Life Membership of the Federal ALP.Kevin Rudd says: “We honour him because he dreamed big dreams of Australia, and then got on with the business of dedicating every fibre of his being to turning those dreams into the reality of modern Australia.”

There we have it; all the news about itself the once great Party considers significant. Mainly history with the only announcement of apparent significance in fact a reannouncement. There were not 50,000 new jobs at all, just an old work for the dole program.

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