Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Seizing the centre ground

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his advisory team continue to do a magnificent job in positioning themselves close to the middle ground on issues in a way that makes it very difficult for their opponents to make much headway in attracting electoral support. This week’s example was the appointment of former Liberal Environment Minister Robert Hill to a new organisation designed to encourage us citizens all to make our contribution to halting global warming.

Now I personally have no way of knowing about the pros and cons of this evidence linking rising temperatures to man made carbon dioxide and I’m sure that most Australians are in the same position as me if and when they think about it. But I am also sure that a majority would consider it a sensible precaution to be taking some notice of the scientific experts and beginning to do something to curb emissions just in case. Labor at the moment appears to me to be in just that position — nothing too radical and frightening but some action nevertheless while the Opposition is still courting the more extreme opinion (which might end up being correct but electorally that will be of no use to them) of doing precisely nothing until every other country acts.

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