Monday, 27 July 2009

An old fashioned roundsman.

If it’s Monday you can look with confidence for a story featuring in The Sydney Morning Herald andThe Melbourne Age breaking news about the federal health system. It has struck me several times recently when preparing the Crikey Breakfast Media Wrap at the start of each week how Mark Metherell in these Fairfax papers always seems to lead the way with health coverage. It happened again this morning with his interesting piece on how errors claim the lives of 4550 Australians a year, according to a report to the Government that urges sweeping reforms to the health system.

I thought that perhaps I should prepare a little check list on who are the most reliable and interesting journalists covering some of the specialist subjects and why not start with the environment. I would appreciate the comments of Crikey readers as to who I should be looking out for. You can post a comment below or send an email if you would rather your views were kept a kept a little private.

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