Thursday, 16 July 2009

An inevitable backlash against a far away war

Fighting wars in far away places is a difficult thing for a democracy. As the deaths mount so does the questioning. What the hell are we out there dying for? The British Government, once so gung-ho about troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is beginning to notice the pressure. Yesterday it was the London Daily Mail with its emotion ridden front page. A few days ago it was the turn of the Independent and the London Sunday Telegraph.

The pressure is mounting on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to get the hell out of those foreign parts and to bring the troops home. In Australia it is only the very small number of casualties that has stopped the development of the very same sentiment. As the fighting gets fiercer and the death toll rises Kevin Rudd can look forward to his own version of those front pages reckon it will not be long before our Labor Government starts being afflicted with the same sentiment.

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