Friday, 31 July 2009

Hoping for First Dog’s support

I am a little diffident about approaching First Dog on the Moon with this request out of fear that the Moon bit in his name has something to do with Moonies. I am a bit of a dog fancier and have been persuaded to take up the cause of the dogs of South Korea by joining a worldwide campaign to get dog meat eating banned. First Dog would appear to be a natural ally, but I presume that the Moonies of that North Asian peninsular are as prone as the rest of the nation to chomping on a cooked dogs leg.

Perhaps this photo from the Seoul Times will persuade him to join the fight with me:

The Stop Killing Dogs petition will be presented to the Korean officials in Seoul by the Korea Animal Rights Advocates when at least or more than 1 million signatures have been collected.

And who knows. First Dog on the Moon might even do a little drawing that we can forward to the South Korean Ambassador to apply some real politiical pressure.

Unless, of course, he is actually a dog meat eating Moonie.

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