Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Ugly Australian curry bashers

They are calling it "Curry Bashing" in the Times of India and anti-Australian feelings are still running hot in the sub-continent.
Check the TOI blog for the latest Indian version of the rash of assaults on Indian students and migrants that has "Indians in Australia ... living in crippling fear. Worried parents in India are recalling their children from Australian universities. Victims have vowed not to go back. Aspiring students and travellers have decided against visiting Australia..."
The image of drunken white oafs was further enhanced this morning when an Australian passenger on a Dubai-Chennai Jet Airways flight abused the cabin crew and refused to apologise afer locking himself in a toilet. On arrival in Chennai he was taken to the police station but later released without being charged. Meanwhile in Sydney police were showing similar restraint in dealing with about 70 young men who overnight demonstrated against what some claimed as racially-motivated attacks against Indian students perpetrated by members of the Lebanese community. The ABC reported that two men were arrested and taken to Parramatta Police Station. One was released without charge and the other was served a notice to appear in court later this month.

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