Friday, 26 June 2009

Shifting the blame - it wasn't my idea

We can be sure that things are getting tense within a political party when pollies start saying "don't blame me - it was all his idea." Which is what is happening now to the Liberals as they leave Canberra behind for the winter break. The Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz (or perhaps someone kindly acting on his behalf) has very pointedly spread the line that Malcolm Turnbull was personally responsible for the tactical decision to try and finger Kevin Rudd as improperly helping his Ipswich car dealer mate. In the Melbourne Herald Sun this morning is a story that the Opposition Leader, hell bent on bringing down the Prime Minister, ignored Senator Abetz's advice not to do so on the basis of the ute gate email.
Senator Abetz loyally went along with his leader's instruction to bring details of the email out during the Senate evidence of Godwin Grech and, according to anonymous Liberal MPs quoted in the Sun Herald, Senator Abetz was now being unfairly blamed for the email debacle.
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