Thursday, 25 June 2009

A royal familiarity

My fluent Spanish speaking correspondent was so excited to hear Kevin Rudd's welcome in Spanish yesterday to the Spanish King and Queen but was surprised that such a stickler for detail as our Prime Minister said,according to the ABC, 'con vuestra visita' which means 'with your visit'. This is the highly casual use of the form 'you'. Spanish, like most Latin languages has both informal and formal use of the word 'you' and 'vuestra' is the casual form. Not exactly appropriate for a head of state! I know people who call their parents in law the formal version of you, so its suprising that no one picked Rudd up on this. It is however, very standard to use in Latin America, so perhaps thats why it went through. Just thought you'd all like to know.
I haven't seen a video though and can't find one, so am unsure how accurate the report is. I searched El Pais, the major Spanish paper for it and found nothing. However they did note the ironic nature of friendly Turnbull was to Rudd during the Spanish meet and greet although they had just been slugging at each other during parliament.
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