Friday, 12 June 2009

Reputation crumbles still further

Thank goodness for advertising people and car salesman. But for them I would be a member of the profession regarded as the least ethical and honest in the country. The annual Roy Morgan survey of the professions has at the foot of the table what the pollster calls the ‘familiar suspects’ with Car Salesman (3%, down 1%) being the profession least associated with ‘ethics’ and ‘honesty’ while Advertising people (6%, down 3%) are the lowest they have been since the survey began in 1979. Newspaper Journalists (9%, down 5%), Estate Agents (10%, unchanged) and Insurance brokers (11%, down 4%) are also perceived as the least ethical.
What particularly rankles me is that television journalists actually rate higher at 14% than those of us journalists who can actually write!
Nurses are once again top of the trusted list with 89% of those surveyed rating nursing as the most ethical and honest profession in the country.

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