Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Persistence deserves being rewarded

Those of you who look at the Breakfast Media Wrap posted on the Crikey website each morning around 7am might have noticed the continuing probing away by the Melbourne Age at the activities of the note printing division of the Reserve Bank of Australia and an associated company. For several weeks now the paper has been running stories that have made this reader very curious about the ethical standards being followed in the pursuit of business for the plastic notes business. This morning's instalment drew attention to the refusal by the Assistant Treasurer Nick Sherry to answer questions from Greens leader Bob Brown in the Senate about the overseas dealings of Securency Pty Ltd and Note Printing Australia (NPA), saying it was "not appropriate" while the Australian Federal Police assessed their activities. Senator Brown is not the kind of man to be fobbed off forever and the Coalition should be joining him in setting up an inquiry into the whole matter for there are surely few aspects of government more important than the Reserve Bank conducting its activities with complete probity.
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