Monday, 1 June 2009

Imagine the fuss

I can not put it any better than the comment made this morning by a reader on the new daily media summary page I write for Crikey:
Imagine if 70 Australians had been attacked in India in the past year. The media here would have frothed a lot sooner than the Indian media has. The true number of attacks is far greater than 70 as many go unreported.The police have a lot to answer for. Shades of British police in the 60s and 70s- an institutionalised culture of denial. Can [Victorian Police Commissioner]Overland see this?
Relations between Australia and India are in danger of deteriorating to a very dangerous extent and our politicians do not seem to grasp the anger being created in India by Australian police downplaying the significance on the series of assaults on Indian students studying in Melbourne. The scenes of riot police wading in to demonstrating students yesterday will further inflame passions when shown in India today.

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