Thursday, 25 June 2009

Best horse racing coverage on businessspectator

I have noted on a couple of occasions in the last year that the Australian racing industry is about to undergo some amazing changes as the pots of gold provided by monopoly state totalisator businesses disappear and commented on the reluctance of the major newspapers to draw attention to what is unfolding. Clearly the papers are desperate to preserve one of their own last advertising monopolies - the production of advertorial formguides - and do not wish to risk offending the totalisator operators.
Over on our associated website there are none of those inhibitions and so it is that the best coverage of the future of Australian racing has appeared in the form of an interview with Tabcorp CEO Elmer Funke Kupper. An accompanying commentary by Robert Gottliebsen neatly summarises the problems the racing industry will soon have dealing with employment cut backs, lower prize money and the fall in the value of horses.
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