Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Who was that fuzzy wuzzy with our PM?

There he was on the ABC television. A short little black bloke standing alongside Kevin Rudd outside Parliament House as the artillery fired some kind of salute. Goodness knows what all that pageantry was about. Last night's 7pm news did not give an explanation as political correspondent Chris Uhlmann gave his report on swine flu and other political events of the day. The same bloke bobbed up in the picture towards the end of the Uhlmann report too when the Prime Minister said a few words about fuzzy wuzzy angels and a special medal that was struck to thank those PNG citizens who served as civilians helping the war effort, or to their widows or widowers. No mention again of who the right hand man was.

All very rude really when the national broadcaster chooses not to acknowledge the visiting Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. Sir Michael Somare was in Canberra to chat about the future of the Australia-PNG relationship but his presence was not deemed worthy of a mention. Perhaps the only way he can get a mention on the ABC is to have an airport security guard make him take his shoes off.
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