Friday, 15 May 2009

Too clever by half

The very dull and boring reply to the budget by Malcolm Turnbull will not be troubling the Labor Party too much. Whilever the Opposition is not prepared to say what it would actually do to reduce the debt it claims to be so bad it will make very few if any converts. The rhetoric about Labor spendthrifts will just pass over the heads of most voters who so far do seem to have grasped the Labor message that these are unprecedented economic times that have little to do with anything this government or the previous one has done or not done. The Kevin Rudd taunts to say what your lot would do will end up further damaging the Opposition Leader's standing.
There will be no great regret either in the Labor camp if the legislation changing private health insurance is finally rejected by the Senate. In the overall scheme of things the amount of money is not going to make a huge difference to anything but rejection will help drive home the point that Team Turnbull is every bit a squib when it comes to hard, cost-cutting decisions, as the Government.
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