Friday, 8 May 2009

Paying a price for misleading

The treatment by the media of the story about the Prime Minister and the unusable hair dryer should teach the Labor Government's minders something about truth telling. The reason the story got off the ground running was that no one believed the denials by the PM's press staff that the incident of Kevin Rudd throwing a wobbly while visiting troops in Afghanistan actually occurred. And the reason for that? The fact that the very same press advisers months ago denied the story about the PM abusing the air force stewardess when that story turned out, on Kevin Rudd's own admission, to have been true.
This time Mr Rudd has unequivocally backed up his staff's denials and perhaps there the matter should be allowed to rest but being an inquisitive chappy I did go searching through Google Images to bring you this collection of Prime Ministerial hair shots:

The startling feature of them all, and of the hundreds of others in my survey, is just how impeccably groomed the prime ministerial head always is. Inside or outside, windy or still, the hair sits perfectly. What can his secret be.
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