Wednesday, 20 May 2009

If at first you don't succeed, try another poll

Any poll at all will do for The Australian apparently when its own pollster fails to provide the answer required to suit the ideologically correct story line. Hence this morning's page one headline:

This week, as the Owl outlined earlier in the week, Newspoll inconveniently found that the Federal Labor Government had increased its lead over the Opposition at a time when the Oz wanted a story showing that an unpopular budget had resulted in a decline in support. Not satisfied with yesterday's misleading headline and some very selective reporting of the reputable Newspoll, this morning it has elevated to stardom the internet-based What the People Want poll that has no track record to speak of. What it does have though is a finding that agrees with the paper's prejudices. 
According to What the People Want, support for the Coalition in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's home state of Queensland is now 10 percentage points higher than at the 2007 Federal election. On this basis the political correspondent Matthew Franklin has concocted a yarn that would do the paper's political editor Dennis Shanahan proud. Franklin simply glosses over the national finding of his new favourite pollster that Labor leads the Coalition by 10 percentage points.
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