Monday, 20 April 2009

Hoons the current catch cry

Motoring hoons seem to be the current law-and-order pre-occupation of State Governments as if young people driving cars at high speeds and in a dangerous fashion was some kind of new development. The experience of the South Australian Minister for Road Safety Tom Koutsantonis is evidence enough that hoons have long been with us. 
Mr Koutsantonis, who was sworn in just over a month ago, is the youngest member of the SA Cabinet and the disclosure that he has been fined more than 30 times since 1994, mostly for speeding is proving more than a little embarrassing for Premier Mike Rann. Mr Rann says he will not stand Mr Koutsantonis down but has issued a warning. "He must never ever offend again," he said. "People make mistakes and I've told him that he cannot re-offend so that's not negotiable, but I think it's important to admit one's mistakes in the past in order to do the right thing in the future."
The Minister has been fined more than 30 times since 1994, mostly for speeding, He accumulated $10,000 in fines for speeding, running red lights and talking on his mobile phone while driving. He also lost his licence for three months.
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