Thursday, 21 May 2009

The herd stumbles on

The search for a real live Australian members of parliament scandal to match that in the UK goes on with the Sydney Morning Herald joining the fray this morning with an attempt to suggest that it is scandalous that there is no record kept of the $8 million-a-year in electorate allowance paid to MPs. Herald journalists Phillip Hudson and Matthew Moore have "discovered" that no official agency monitors how much of each $32,000 allowance is kept as income by MPs, how much is spent on voters or what it is spent on. It is almost reluctantly that they concede that the Taxation Commissioner has the right to check just those things.
Meanwhile, across town, the Daily Telegraph has given yet another run to a perennial tabloid favourite - MPs who employ wives and relatives on their staff. 

Goodness knows how many times a variation on this theme has featured over the years but from memory I wrote it more than once when I was at the Tele many years ago. These days I admit the error of my youthful ways for I would prefer an MP employ a relative rather than one of those pushy young would-be politicians.
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