Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The deterrent joke

If the risk of being drowned at sea is not a deterrent to someone trying to reach Australia then it is hard to imagine that the promise of being presented with a different kind of visa on arrival actually will keep someone in Indonesia. Malcolm Turnbull has clearly succumbed yet again to the idea that an Opposition should oppose whatever the merits of what the Government is doing. And it is reassuring to see in this morning's Newspoll published in The Australian that the initial reaction of voters is to ignore the Liberal attempt at populism. Labor remains the clear people's choice and the standing of the Opposition Leader is going down rather than up. 
I expect that things will get even worse for Mr Turnbull now that some in his party are beginning to speak out and criticise him for playing the same unsavoury racial card as John Howard. Hopefully what we are seeing is another example of a politician fighting the last war after things have changed,
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