Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bringing in some independents?

The relentless exposure in the British media of the greedy money grabbing habits of politicians from all three of the major parties must surely be creating a climate in which independents capable of running for the House of Commons as "non-politicians" must have a considerable chance of being successful. Now Helena Kennedy might be a Labour peer but she is a far cry from the standard party hack and was elevated to the House of Lords for her work as a civil liberties campaigning barrister and as a star on some of those wonderfully intelligent BBC radio and television programs like Heart of the Matter, Raw Deal and the award-winning Time, Gentlemen, Please.

Ms Kennedy has decided to devote her energy to the cause of parliamentary reform and began with this letter published in The Observer on Sunday:

The Guardian reports this morning that Ms Kennedy is drumming up volunteers to stand as independents across the country, united in pushing for parliamentary reform. Her friends say the attempt, which would include a limit on the time MPs could sit, a bid to have US-style primaries and a new constitutional settlement, began at a meeting at her home two Sundays ago.

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