Thursday, 9 April 2009

Who's this Gough bloke?

Politicians tend to have long memories but they make a mistake when they think everyone else does too. So it is that Malcolm Turnbull and co. are wasting their energy trying to conjure up the bad old days of the long gone Whitlam Government as a way of attacking the big spending plans of the Rudd one. I doubt that anyone younger than 14 or 15 when Gough Whitlam became Prime Minister in 1972 would have any real memory or who he was or what he did. Thus attacking Kevin Rudd for having Whitlamesque plans with policies like his economic stimulus package and a national broadband roll out will just pass over the heads of 9 million or so current voters. And of the 44% of voters old enough to perhaps remember what the Opposition Leader is alluding to, there will be a significant minority for whom time has blurred the memories of economic mismanagement. The number of people currently supporting Labor who might actually react by changing their vote out of fear of a Whitlam revival would be very small indeed.
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