Thursday, 2 April 2009

Plenty of reason to keep travelling

Our peripatetic Prime Minister will clearly have plenty of reasons to keep on flying around the world because it is now clear that the G20 meeting in London will be but the first of many as countries seek agreement on what to do about the broken world financial system. Perhaps we will see some kind of motherhood statement on the need for greater financial regulation but there are no signs of agreement on what form that should take. Plenty of opportunities there for Kevin to flit hither and thither to try and influence agreement. And just how much talking will there have to be as the pros and cons of the Russian proposal, supported by the Chinese, for a new international currency are debated? A good couple of terms of government worth there.
Toss in the need to keep climate change agreements moving forward and Julia Gillard will end up the longest serving acting Prime Minister in the nation’s history.
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