Tuesday, 21 April 2009

No cover up, just bad politics

Labor is clearly determined to make a contrast between its own handling of the latest boat people tragedy and the way the Howard Government sought to capitalise on the Tampa incident. That is fair enough as the distortions of then Defence Minister Peter Reith were quite scandalous. But the pretence that it is not proper to give any information about what actually happened that led to a wooden fishing boat catching fire until the Coroner completes an inquiry really is carrying caution too far. If something was done (or not done) by the navy that hindsight shows should not have been done (or should have been done) then changing procedures should hot be waiting the months it will take the Northern Territory Coroner to complete his task. And as soon as the navy has reviewed the evidence the Northern Territory police have collected there can be no harm in the government putting an end to the nonsense being peddled by the Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull that there is some kind of cover up going on.
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