Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Forgiven for a smile

Brendan Nelson could be forgiven if he had a smile on his face this week. The evidence of all the regular political pollsters is now pointing to Malcolm Turnbull being no more successful as an Opposition Leader than he was. This morning's Newspoll figures just confirm what AC Nielsen and the Morgan poll recently reported. Labor is doing better now than at the last election and Kevin Rudd just keeps on getting high approval ratings both personally and as preferred Prime Minister. 
In the Newspoll immediately before last year's ousting of Dr Nelson from the Liberal leadership, Rudd led Nelson on the question of who would make the better Prime Minister 62% to 16% with 22% of those surveyed uncommitted. This morning it is Rudd 67% to Turnbull 18% with 15% uncommitted. The Rudd lead has thus gone from 46 points to 49 points.
On the personal popularity front, Turnbull's rating is only marginally better than the man he overthrew. Last year 35% of those surveyed were satisfied with the way Nelson was performing with 42% dissatisfied. This morning's Newspoll shows 39% satisfied and 42% dissatisfied with the satisfied figure having dropped from a high last year of 54%
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