Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Belated tabloid interest

Perhaps the tabloids are short staffed at weekends and that's the reason the initial coverage of Crows AFL footballer Nathan Bock being charged with assaulting his girl friend on Saturday night was so sparse. The sports writers who are on duty on Sundays are always reluctant to tackle such incidents for fear it will make their future contacts with the players difficult; just like political journos really who often hesitate to touch on the seemy side of the people they rely on for information. Whatever the reason, the relative initial silence referred to yesterday (Monday Sporting Roundup) gave way this morning to a more respectable coverage of this latest story about a footballer behaving badly.
Over in Victoria they were less interested in a player assaulting his girl friend than football hoons of a different kind. The father of a Melbourne player had copped a belting from three Collingwood fans outside the MCG. Premier John Brumby did what Labor politicians tend to do when confronted with a public relations problem - he called a summit. Representatives of major sporting codes, venue operators, police and health experts will be called together later this month to consider ways of making watching the footy family friendly. 

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