Monday, 30 March 2009

Change the tone of voice

Malcolm Turnbull is sounding increasingly shrill and carping as his popularity goes down, with the result that his opinion poll numbers are likely to fall even further. There is a potential solution —  albeit one he is unlikely to adopt. The AC Nielsen poll in this morning’s Fairfax papers strongly suggests that Australians are not in the mood for opposition. There is broad support for the way Kevin Rudd is running the country and little interest in listening to criticism of him. Thus the best policy for this Opposition would be to stop opposing and predicting dire consequences from the Government’s actions. Ultimately it will be the result of those actions that will determine the future electoral outcome. There are no votes in being able to say we told you so. So Malcolm Turnbull should stop being so strident with his daily commentary and take a lesson from his colleague Peter Costello who makes only the occasional foray into the media.
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