Monday, 5 January 2009

My continuing survey of news by survey

The amount of news in our news media that is based on surveys continues to fascinate me. Without a doubt, if an astute PR wants to get an issue into the public debate then the release of a public opinion poll is the way to do it. This morning's example, which I first noticed in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, reports on a “myth-busting poll” finding that women who wear size-16 clothes are the most content group when it comes to overall well-being. The British survey asked 3000 women to rate their happiness when it came to careers, love lives and friendships. Size-14s were the second happiest group. Size 26, 22 and 24 women were found to be the least happy. And the origins of this important information? Kellogg's Special K, marketed as a slimming cereal, which the British consumer magazine Which? recently reported had the same amount of calories at 171 per 30g as Kellogg's Cornflakes and even more than Kellogg's Branflakes, 

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