Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Another hot one

The annual temperature figures for Australia show we had another hot year in 2008. Data collected by the Bureau of Meteorology indicate that, overall, Australia’s annual mean temperature for 2008 was 0.41°C above the standard 1961-90 average, making it the nation’s 14th warmest year since comparable records began in 1910.

Readers of The Australian, or course, will be able to ignore all that having been told by an adjunct professor of virology (see An award winning example) that all the historical figures are nonsense. But back to the Bureau: Most regions recorded a warm year overall, apart from Queensland, northeast New South Wales and the Kimberley. Particularly high temperatures were recorded across inland Western Australia and the Northern Territory in January, as well as western Victoria and southern South Australia in March, with a record-breaking heatwave during the first half of the month. Conversely, cool temperatures were recorded in southeast Australia during February and again in April, across most of the country in August, and across the southwest during November.

When it came to rain the overall Australian mean rainfall total for 2008 was 466 mm, close to the long-term average of 472 mm.

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