Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Take a long holiday Malcolm

Malcolm Turnbull might as well just take a long holiday. There is nothing he can say and do for the next three or four months that will have any impact on his public standing.
The Newspoll figures out this morning show the Opposition Leader is having no impact whatsoever on what the public think about Kevin Rudd and his Labor team. The mob like the Prime Minister and his serious ways. Criticising someone who is as popular as he is gets you absolutely nowhere. Trying to tarnish his image just puts you further behind.
Frustrating as it may be, the only sensible thing for the Coalition to do is sit quietly and wait. It is what happens rather than what an opponent says is happening or might happen that will determine what Australians think of this government.
Presumably as the summer progresses and economic growth continues at a low level, or perhaps even disappears altogether, unemployment will begin its inexorable rise. It is when school leavers can not find a first job and their parents begin losing theirs that the gloss will begin to wear off.
Come June - after the next bucdget - will be the time for Liberals to start considering whether they made the right choice in choosing Malcolm Turnbull as their Leader.
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