Friday, 5 December 2008

Preaching his wowser message

Every time I hear Tim Costello preaching his wowser message about the evils of gambling or the horrors of drinking I keep thinking that Peter Costello has a lot to answer for. If the younger brother Peter had not entered Federal Parliament and been such a success as the nation's Treasurer I am sure the media would pay the Revd Tim the scant regard he deserves.
This morning's preaching about the evils of internet gambling is typical of the busy body approach of telling people that he knows best what is good for them. Mr Costello, Tim not Peter, opposes the recommendation contained in a report to the NSW Government that internet and phone gambling on sports and current events should be allowed. He told ABC radio the recommendations will fuel problem gambling. "Gambling should be something that you are forced to jump a few hurdles to go and do," he said. "Internet betting 24/7 in your own home is really quite devastating."
I'm not sure which internet world the reverend lives in but mine has gambling sites aplenty offering odds on all manner of things and nothing any government in Australia can do will stop people using them. The only loser at the moment is the NSW Government which does not get a share of the revenue.
And yes. That's right. This Richard Farmer is the very same one who has been an internet bookmaker and a liquor seller.
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