Friday, 5 December 2008

A Governor General controversy

The Canadian Governor General Michaëlle Jean is opn the way to becoming as unpopular with a significant proportion of Canadians as Sir John Kerr managed in Australia 33 years ago. The Haitian born former journalist has upset the Liberal and New Democratic Parties and members of the Bloc Quebecois by agreeing to prorogue Parliament at the request of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Just as Sir John did not concern himself in sacking the Whitlam Government with anything so mundane as who had a majority in the Parliament, Ms Jean acted without waiting for the no confidence vote due on Monday that the Conservatives seemed certain to lose.
What happens now in governing Canada is unclear and will perhaps depend on whether the coalition of the three opposition parties holds together over the Christmas and New Year break that the GG has allowed. Mr Harper will use the time to start a de facto election campaign based on his minority Conservative Party government being the only hope for sensible economic management in these troubled financial times.
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