Thursday, 11 December 2008

Drunk and dangerous islanders

Actions lead to reactions. Ban kava and encourage the booze. Without their traditional drug of choice, Pacific Islanders are no longer as pacific. The cultural meetings at kava clubs are being replaced by drunken gatherings. Increased violence is the result.
The ban introduced on kava imports last year by the Coalition Government was one of the more stupid elements of the radical attempt to protect Aboriginal Australians from harming themselves. Apparently the use of the drug in the Northern Territory was not instead of alcohol as with the Pacific Islanders but as well as. Without thinking of the broader implications the import of kava other than in small quantities as luggage for personal use was outlawed.
Our Customs Service was boasting last week that it had intercepted an illegal shipment of four tonnes of kava. They should be embarrassed at having to perform such duties.
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