Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The disappearing whale campaign

The Sydney Daily Telegraph under the control of David Penberthy pretended to be a great fighter on politial issues. One of his campaigns, run in conjunction with Greenpeace, was to try and shame Japan in to halting whaling.
Under the new regime of Gary Linnell it seems that the save the whale cause has been abandoned and the Greenpeace alliance ditched as well for I can find no mention in the paper of the current international campaign to save two Greenpeace activists from a spell in a Japanese jail.
Junichi Sato and Toru Suzuki , dubbed the Tokyo two in the Japanese press, are charged with taking a 23-kg box of whale meat from a delivery company warehouse. Greenpeace maintains their action was simply to prove large scale fraud by whalers. The Japan Times reported this week that it looks increasingly likely that Sato and Suzuki will be foiund guilty of trespassing and theft which will see them facing a maximum 10 years in prison.
Strange, then, that the Tele has gone so quiet on its anti-Japanese campaign. At the very least Greenpeace might have hoped its partner in the save the whales campaign would be putting in an editorial word urging Environment Minister Peter Garrett to be lobbying on their men's behalf.
Not that Minister Garrett has been showing much stomach for the anti-whaling crusade he promised when in opposition. The success of his so-called diplomatic efforts was shown this week when Japan started distributing for sale whale meat imported from Iceland.
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