Thursday, 18 December 2008

Checking the power of Crikey

My colleague Ruth Brown had an entertainingly witty piece in Crikey last Friday P*nis in a park bench looking at the 100 most read stories for the year on the website. Now I notice that the most read story overnight at was a similar list of the 50 biggest online stories of 2008Quite an achievement for a once great paper when the most interesting thing to read on its website is a story about what things have been most read over the previous 12 months. Maybe it is not so surprising when you study what made the list and discover what Age readers really like.
Not wishing to be a spoil sport I have left off the year's most popular story. To find the winning entry, click here.
2. Outrage as ex-Clinton staffer runs debate
3. Oral sex blamed for throat cancer rise
4. Ponting 'must be sacked' 
5. Victoria's killer weather causes chaos
6. Stolen photos from laptop tell a tawdry tale
7. 'Terrorist' gunmen massacre scores across Mumbai 
8. Nine million Australians are a ticking 'fat bomb'
9. Condoms? You've stumped me: McCain
10. Court hears sordid tale of bullying, sex, buggery 
11. 9/11 collapse mystery solved: scientists
12. Call for help: 'I think he may be dead'
13. Warning of new bin Laden attack
14. Party's over for Playboy king Hugh Hefner
15. New world a wonder for Austrian cellar children
16. Rudd unveils $10.4b stimulus plan
17. Why 10 is too young for your first Brazilian
18. Historic victory for Barack Obama
19. The controversial career of Bill Henson
20. McCain goes for jugular, but misses
21. How Google put Bill's grief on show
22. Malcolm Turnbull wins Liberal leadership
23. Streaker no match for Symonds
24. C--- does not have to be the dirtiest word
25. Legend, moron or just a naughty boy
26. 'Kristen' and the Emperor: how the mighty have fallen
27. I lost 26kg with stingy exchange family: teen
28. Train journey ended with blood on the floor
29. Woman tells of being 'raped' by minister
30. The frightful things 'Client 9' asks of women, including his wife
31. Hack into a Windows PC - no password needed
32. RBA stuns with massive rate cut
33. A shattering moment in America's fall from power
34. Principal 'molested schoolgirls'
35. House prices are a bubble waiting to burst 
36. Tears in Melbourne as PM delivers apology
37. Party boy achieves global notoriety
38. Man 'had 7 children by daughter in cellar'
39. The porn supremacy
40. A man walks into a bar ... ouch!
41. Big Brother housemates revealed
42. Palin into insignificance?
43. Teacher 'wanted to be boy's sex slave'
44. Bi the Way, what does push women's buttons?
45. Hostel employee's shock over last known Britt photo 
46. Melbourne's Mr Sushi shuts up shop
47. Commuter train kills driver in level crossing smash
48. Republicans fear historic landslide defeat
49. Men behaving badly
50. Father, sons die in wharf tragedy

Who knows, the power of Crikey might even be enough to return it to the top of the most read list tomorrow for yet another day.
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