Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Stealing a good idea.

Malcolm Turnbull seems very frustrated by the lack of impact he is having on that Rudd popularity, but he should learn that giving his opponent a good idea is not a way of changing it. Yesterday’s suggestion at the National Press Club by the Opposition Leader that company shareholders should be able to pass binding rather than just advisory resolutions about executive salaries and bonuses will surely be taken up by the Government. The Acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard seemed quite gleeful about the prospect when she said in Question Time that she always liked it when the poacher turned game-keeper. Malcolm’s friends in the big end of town are not so likely to be happy about the prospect of lurks and perks being curbed but the traveler will be when he finds out. It is Rudd not Turnbull who will end up with the credit for a change that ordinary people will applaud.
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