Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Learn a lesson from Queensland.

The Federal Opposition should learn a lesson from what happened politically in Queensland yesterday. That silence is often the best tactic when a government is doing something unpopular was illustrated when Premier Anna Bligh pulled the plug on two controversial water projects. For months now, as readers of The Australian would be well aware for it has covered the issue in considerable depth, the Liberal National Party has delighted in playing on the fear people have of drinking recycled water. A new whiz-bang recycling system was going to be one part Labor's answer to ensuring that the south east of the state was never threatened again with running out.
The other initiative promised was to build a new dam at Traveston which was vigorously opposed by local residents who were aided and abetted in their nimbyism by the LNP. Premier Bligh has an election due early next year and with the recent heavy rains around Brisbane lifting water levels from their the dangerously low levels caused by drought, she yesterday took the opportunity to scuttle both projects. Two potential vote winners for the Opposition are now gone.
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