Sunday, 8 May 2005

A Poisonous Relationship - Howard and Costello

Sunday, 8th May, 2005  - Richard Farmer 
When politicians talk, what they do not say is every bit as important as what they do say. Consider this exchange on yesterday's Channel Nine Sunday program:
LAURIE OAKES: ... I mean, people must wonder how two people with a relationship as apparently poisonous as yours and John Howard's can get together and produce the right budget for this country.
PETER COSTELLO: Well, I can because I've been fully focused on the budget.
LAURIE OAKES: He hasn't?
PETER COSTELLO: Since — well, since February. And I take responsibility for the budget. Of course I do. I'm the Treasurer.
Treasurer Peter Costello did not even try to deny that his relationship with Prime Minister John Howard is 'poisonous'. Nor did he pretend that the leader and deputy leader of the country are working together on the budget. According to Mr Costello he has been fully focused on the budget but since February Mr Howard has not been.
The bitterness Mr Costello has about Mr Howard could not be plainer.
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