Sunday, 4 February 2018

The horrors behind that fish you eat that's imported from Thailand and other news and views

The 134-page report by Human Rights Watch shows horrific conditions continue. That's despite promises from the Thai government to crack down on abuses suffered by mostly migrants from countries like Myanmar and Cambodia — and despite pressure from the U.S. and European countries that purchase much of Thailand's seafood exports. (Thailand is the fourth-largest seafood exporter in the world).
Escalating global threats from Russia to North Korea mean the U.S. military’s regional commanders must update war plans to incorporate the use -- in the most dire circumstances -- of nuclear weapons, according to the Pentagon’s latest Nuclear Posture Review. ...
More ‘lower-yield’ weapons called for to counter threats
Critics say strategy takes nuclear weapons onto battlefields
The Bunga-Bunga Moderate - Foreign Policy
How Silvio Berlusconi successfully reinvented himself as a straight-laced member of the establishment.
Editing the human genome: balancing safety and regulation - The Lancet

The Point of Sharp Power - Project Syndicate
Authoritarian regimes do poorly in global public opinion surveys, reinforcing the view that despotism is incompatible with "soft power." And yet Russia and China, for example, are projecting more influence beyond their borders than at any time in recent memory, without relying principally on military might or even on raw economic coercion.
Former hippies put in horrible position of rooting for F.B.I. - The New Yorker
From Vermont to California, erstwhile hippies bemoaned a nightmare scenario that has forced them to side with a law-enforcement agency they have despised since the Summer of Love.
Why Remainers are increasingly hopeful of stopping Brexit - New Statesman
Leavers and rising public support have legitimised the possibility of a second referendum.
Big Tech: The New Predatory Capitalism - American Prospect
The tech giants are menacing democracy, privacy, and competition. Can they be housebroken?

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