Thursday, 15 February 2018

New anti-sex ministerial standard - Malcolm Turnbull tries to make the best of a bad job

That's what Malcolm Turnbull said but the Owl thinks some translation is needed.
I am terrified by what the next Newspoll will show. If it's really bad my team might sack me.
I tried to get Barnaby to fall on his sword but he told me to get stuffed. If I sacked him he might quit and I'd not have a majority and be forced to an election where I'd lose my own job
I tried to humiliate him into quitting peacefully by telling him I would not let him be the acting Prime Minister while I was away but that didn't work either.
So now I'm pretending that I can put a stop to human nature by announcing a ban on ministers getting a bit on the side in future.

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