Saturday, 16 January 2016

Make the donation then sack the people - the Clive Palmer way and other news and views

Queensland Nickel donated nearly $290k to PUP fortnight before sackings - Just two weeks before sacking 237 workers, Queensland Nickel made a donation of nearly $290,000 to the Palmer United Party (PUP), documents show.

There will be chaos: Big Oil’s collapse and the birth of a new world order: Barrel prices have completely cratered. With alternative energies on the rise, geopolitics may never be the same - The current rout in oil prices ... threatens a profound shift in the geopolitical fortunes of the major energy-producing countries. Many of them, including Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela, are already experiencing economic and political turmoil as a result. (Think of this, for instance, as a boon for the terrorist group Boko Haram as Nigeria shudders under the weight of those falling prices.) The longer such price levels persist, the more devastating the consequences are likely to be.
Ted Cruz’s Attack on “New York Values” Is Blowing Up in His Face - Senator Ted Cruz may have been hoping to impress Iowans and South Carolinians by attacking Donald Trump for his “New York values” throughout the week, but when Trump hit back with a well-aimed 9/11 reference during Thursday’s G.O.P. debate, most everyone seemed to find themselves taking the billionaire’s side.

“New York Values” Are Dominating This Election - And Donald Trump is fighting a whole new kind of culture war.

Cruz doubles down on New York attack - Ted Cruz's presidential campaign is doubling down on his strike at Donald Trump's "New York values," with his spokeswoman suggesting the country must not turn out like liberal Manhattan. Asked about the Texas senator's New York-based donors, Cruz campaign spokeswoman Catherine Frazier responded more broadly in an email. "The question is, do we want our future leadership to look like that of New York City's?" she said. "Where the government mandates how much soda you can drink, where it is illegal to protect yourself with a firearm, and where its elected officials say that people who value unborn life aren’t welcome? Or do we want our next president to embrace the values that get government our of the way, that reward hard work, that champion faith, family, and individual liberties?" Frazier continued. "There is no doubt that America wants more of the latter."

How forecasts change - Canada's Macleans 8 June 2008

Life at $20 a barrel: What the oil crash means for Canada - As the price of crude plunges, and drags the loonie with it, the pain stretches far beyond the Alberta oil patch. What’s next for Canada’s economy?

Most U.S. Egg Producers Are Now Choosing Cage-Free Houses - "... the biggest name in chicken housing, the company Big Dutchman. It's a German company, despite its name, and it operates globally, manufacturing housing for both chickens and pigs. Clovis Rayzel, president of Big Dutchman USA, says that the majority of American egg producers, when they order new chicken houses, now are choosing cage-free systems. "It's a very interesting and very big change compared to some years ago, and it is even more interesting because here in this country, we are seeing this change based solely on the market," Rayzel says. That is, no law has required farmers to do this.
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