Sunday, 15 June 2014

A lack of political voices on Twitter with little creative thinking and other news and views for Sunday 15 June

  • ‘Disappointed’ researchers find lack of political voices on Twitter – “Social scientists’ analysis of 290,119,348 tweets from 193,522 “politically engaged” Twitter users during the 2012 presidential campaign conventions and debates found little creative thinking, and a slavish blitz of retweeting “elites” like @billmaher and @seanhannity, according to a new study.”
  • Obama faces limited options in Iraq crisis, doubts over air strikes
  • U.S. to sue Citigroup over faulty mortgage bonds: sources – “The settlement negotiations had involved penalty numbers of $10 billion or more, another person familiar with the talks said. Bloomberg News reported earlier on Friday that the Justice Department had asked the bank to pay more than $10 billion, and that the bank had offered less than $4 billion.”
  • BNP got high-level 2006 warnings on sanctions busting: report - Since France’s biggest bank flagged the risk of a big fine in February this year, sources close to the affair have said it ignored early warnings of the risks it faced. They pointed out that the alleged offending transactions being investigated by U.S. authorities continued until 2009.”
  • Why does inequality grow? Can we do something about it? – “The income inequality has increased worldwide in recent years. This column discusses the role of technological progress, globalisation, and the liberalisation of labour-market institutions on the growing inequality. The liberalisation of labour market institutions has made labour markets more flexible and created many jobs. But beyond a certain point, the net effect of further liberalisation might be negative for society.”
  • Thinking Deep – a review of The Rise and Fall of Ireland’s Celtic Tiger – Liberalism, Boom and Bust, by Seán Ó Riain – “An academic discipline based on idealised economic systems which permit the application of a great deal of theoretical sophistication has produced cohorts of graduates with little knowledge of history or the real world. These idiot savants can manipulate mathematical models but have little to contribute to actual business practice or economic management.”
  • Greens set to give PM double poll trigger
Chinstripe penguin - a global warming loser CREDIT: flickr/christopher michel
Chinstripe penguin – a global warming loser
CREDIT: flickr/christopher michel
15-06-2014 stoningvideo
  • Here Is Your Fun New Oklahoma GOP Candidate Who Would Like To Murder The Gays With Rocks – ” “Have you guys heard about our new favorite…and by “favorite” we mean WHAT THE HELL, DUDE–state legislature candidate? Meet Scott Esk, a Republican running for office in Oklahoma. Scott would be just your run-of-the-mill semi-ginger who is hella mad about his receding hairline except for this one little standout fact: he’s pretty cool with stoning the gays. As in literally stoning the gays. As in to death. How is Scott Esk even possible? The GOP candidate responded to a post on Pope Francis saying “who am I to judge?” on homosexuality by posting numerous Old Testament quotations prescribing capital punishment for LGBT people.”
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