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F inanzamt fordert 60 Millionen: Meinl klagt die RepublikTax Office demands 60 million: Meinl complains the Republic
Financial criminal proceedings provides for displeasure stepping in banker with assets
A tax back payment of EUR 60 million is threatening Vienna – the Meinl Bank. The financial believes that various management companies resident in Jersey were attributable to the Institute and to pay tax on their income in Austria. Although the Bank to appeal, she would have to form a tax provision 2013 for the balance sheet. This could consume the equity and lead to “Settlement” of the Institute, it says in a letter to the tax office, which is the default.
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Maas will Homosexuelle gleichstellen – Maas wants to equate homosexuals

Minister of Justice implements judicial standard for adoption rights / topic in the controversial Coalition

Berlin – the controversial between the Union and the SPD debate about equality of homosexual civil partnerships could increase again on sharpness. Heiko Maas (SPD) is for the first bill he brings as Minister of Justice on the way, made an improvement of adoption law for same-sex couples and other steps announced.

The draft, which is the daily mirror, is a special area of the adoption law, the adoption of successive. That is, cases in which one of the two partners has adopted a child and the other partner would be also adoptive mother or father. This is already possible with heterosexual couples.

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Sarkozy, l’omni-prés(id)ent – Sarkozy, omni-pres(id)ent

Since early 2014, the former head of the State accelerated its return movement in the political arena. “I expect the disaster,” he told a former Minister. Superstar from the right in the polls, the former head of State will be Thursday, January 30 in Charente-Maritime to decorate an ex-MP. Wednesday 29, his friends Association meets for its ritual lunch. His presence at the concerts of his wife Carla confidences of Bernadette Chirac announcing his return, Nicolas Sarkozy is since the beginning of the year in the heart of the conversations.
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  1. Chômage : les raisons de l’échec de François Hollande – Unemployment: the reasons for the failure of François Holland
  2. In September 2012, François Holland had promised to reverse the curve of unemployment ‘from here’ a year. The bet is lost. Significantly. The number of unemployed persons increased again – of 8,200 – in December 2013, bringing the total increase over the year to 177 800. Massive assistance job creation have not offset the increase in demography and the retirement more late Senior. Above all, the sluggish growth did not create jobs.
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