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Euthanasie : l’affaire qui relance le débat – Euthanasia: the case that raises debate
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Against the advice of doctors, justice objected to the judgment of the treatment of a patient in a vegetative state Francois Hollande, who wants a revision of the law on the end of life, fears a division of the French
Never the justice had been in a process of end of life: the administrative tribunal of Châlons-enChampagne created the surprise, Thursday, January 16, denying that medical CHU de Reims team committed a process of end of life for Vincent Lambert, a patient in vegetative since an accident. Seized by a part of the family of M. Lambert, opposed to the process of passive euthanasia, the judges felt that discontinuation of treatment “characterizes a serious and manifestly illegal infringement of the right to life.
This decision has shocked the medical team and the wife of Vincent Lambert. “I feel sadness and am devastated by failure to comply with the wishes of Vincent,” she says in the world. “Judges donned a white blouse and made Act of interference in the medical competence in deciding on the merits,” laments Dr. Eric Kariger, which could appeal to the Council of State.
Case Lambert relaunches the debate: to the Minister of health, Marisol Touraine, the current law, known as Leonetti, this ‘ambiguities to throw. François Hollande, who wants a revision of the Act for the end of the year, wants to avoid a new division of the French company as the debate on gay marriage.
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Indonesian President expresses disappointment in Tony Abbott

by Richard Farmer in International politics

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Australia dominates the Jakarta Post front page again this morning. Along with a report on the Australian apology for breaching Indonesian territorial waters there are extracts from a just published book by President  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. In the book President Yudhoyono has expressed disappointment at the way Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott handled tensions between the two nations after revelations emerged of Australia’s suspected wiretapping of the President and his wife in 2009.
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